Welcome to "Technology isn't the point", the home of John Skelly's ramblings on technology, science, and marketing and how they can change how we live. This is also where I share some things about my journey, both personal and professional. You may not agree with everything I have to say, but you'll come to better understand who I am, what inspires me, and maybe find some things of value for your own journey. 



I was once in love with technology. I loved the Internet. I loved the web. I loved my phone. I loved my web site. I loved my life thinking I'd be the next Internet millionaire. Boy, was I full of s#%!. :) Well, the story isn't over yet. In fact, through it all, I've gained a ton of wisdom and my tank is full again. Look out despair and frustration, I've got your number.



I've learned over the years that media, or more specifically, *medium* is almost entirely irrelevant when it comes to marketing. Traditional and digital channels are nothing more than windows where people receive your story, and mix their own with yours. CMO's that get hung up on tech are missing the party, but those who don't have a team that slam dunk tech hurdles are already looking for a new job.


the point.

In the tech world, it's easy to get wrapped around the axle worrying about form factors, frame rates, throughput, code, file sizes and a million other pieces of minutiae. At the end of the day everything comes down to relationships. This site and my blog are aimed at sharing some brass tacks about markets, media and technologies that impact how we communicate, engage audiences, and live.