Welcome to "Technology isn't the point", the home of John Skelly's ramblings on technology, science, and marketing and how they can change how we live. This is also where I share some things about my journey, both personal and professional. You may not agree with everything I have to say, but you'll come to better understand who I am, what inspires me, and maybe find some things of value for your own journey. 



I was once in love with technology. I loved the Internet. I loved the web. I loved my phone. I loved my web site. I loved my life thinking I'd be the next Internet millionaire. Boy, was I full of it!. :) Well, the story isn't over yet. In fact, through it all, I've gained a ton of wisdom and my tank is full. 



Ideas spring into people's minds all the time like popcorn. Good ideas come every once in a while, but great ideas are rare. Especially ones that change our world in fundamental, and hopefully, positive ways. I have always focused on using my understanding of technology, team development, and a robust process of vetting and further developing great ideas into great results.



Great ideas can change our world only when they can be manifest into reality. I built my digital agency (500lb.com) based on my ability to  to just that. Beyond defining phased product and service creation (MVP, Market Launch, Growth, etc.), building teams that work efficiently and effectively is a challenge I relish. Seeing ideas manifest into reality is the greatest reward I find in business.